Iranian National Planning Group (INPG)
is a policy institute –a think tank– comprising of scholars, thinkers and supporters whose mission is to focus on research, planning and recommendations for Iranian society with the goal of advancing political democracy and economic development in the country. 

INPG is structured to meet Iranian social, economic and cultural realities, taking International development processes and political realities of the region into account. This institute serves as the focal point for academicians, researchers and geopolitical scientists interested in contributing toward the development of a democratic state in Iran.  INPG also engages in gathering of ideas and suggestions, and analyzes proposals to derive a common consensus before publishing its white-papers to the public.

INPG invites all scholars and researchers to become contributing members, publish their articles and research papers on this platform, and share their thoughts, suggestions, or white-papers on issues that are critical and facing the Iranian nation today. INPG will share the submissions with other scholars who are experts in the corresponding fields and provide a resolution on the topic for publication on the Web Site for the good of the nation.

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Iranian National Planning Group (INPG)

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