Ethics, Faith in Humanity and Moral in Society


The development and progress of human societies can no longer be assessed in terms of high-rise building structures or edifices. Signs of progress and insights of societies need to be searched in their cultural and ethical principles and values of its citizens. Therefore, INPG, as the first step for advancement of the society, believes in recognition of moral and ethical values of the society.In order to get to know oneself and play a major productive and responsible role in any society, one needs to pay attention to moral values and ethics, which are regarded as vital and primordial elements, as the basic pillars for educational system in the country.

If the society enjoys every opportunity to achieve its social, economic, and industrial goals, while lacking monotheism, it will suffer from immorality, and the citizens can never realize freedom nor attain the due progress; and after a temporary period of freedom, or to put it into better words, a brief period of deceptive freedom (change of Regime), the people will find themselves asphyxiated by a different kind of repression.

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